Is SMS an Environmental Form of Marketing?

Is SMS an Environmental Form of Marketing

Protect and save environment is the buzzword in recent times and there is a definite logic behind this. Every time a transactional SMS service provider sends out a transactional SMS India you feel is this an environment friendly form of marketing.

Have you considered the fact on how much cost is spend on paper for advertising? The amount of funds that the hoardings, bill boards and pamphlets eat up. You are going to use all of them and how it is going to have an impact on the environment.

If all these thoughts have not stuck you, it is high time you take notice? Paper form of advertisement causes considerable damage to the trees whereas you delay information reaching out to customers. With SMS information reaches out to customers within a span of seconds and it is an environment friendly form of marketing method. Let us now explore benefits of SMS green for your business

Instant delivery

You think of sending information and it is delivered to customers within seconds. With such frequency information is spread. Because of instant delivery feature benefit is offered to customers that cause considerable delay in spreading out information.

Snappy and short information

Nobody likes detailed lectures or speeches explaining to them features of a product. With all essential details people like short and crisp information. As character limit of SMS is 160 characters you can send out information to clients in a short and crisp manner.

Mass reach

In case of paper form of advertisement there is a strong chance that information is not going to reach out to masses. But since 99 % of masses have access to mobile phones you can bet that SMS will reach out to customers within a span of seconds. In addition a natural reaction on the part of people would be to go through messages when their mobile phone blinks. So customers missing out on important details of a message are a bare minimum.

Two way marketing

With one way marketing you provide customers with information and no chance of them to respond. To obtain response and keeping them engaged any marketing module has to be two way and SMS seems to be the perfect option. An example would radio channels can ask customers to request for their favourite song. If a two way communication exists it would keep customers engaged.

Opt for when people can read your SMS

With a bulk SMS option you can choose a time when a customer would be reading your message. With a pre-set time you can send out messages to customers as per their desired time. For example mid-day you might roll out discounts on bulk purchases. At this juncture the best way to reach out to customers would be via bulk SMS.

To conclude a bulk SMS campaign not only helps the environment but help you cut down significant costs in dealing with other marketing methods like hoarding or pamphlets. You are not going to churn in a lot of money.

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